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Sunday, November 25, 2012


I haven't weighed in yet; the week after Thanksgiving, I don't really think that I want to.
I DID however commit to doing my boot camp every morning though. It's awesome. I feel so much better.
This week, I'm going to try to completely eliminate sugar and drink a protein shake in place of one meal. Just a little jump start PLUS our company dinner is this Saturday and I want to look amazing in my dress that I just bought.
Pants are still loose, yay! But I'm still miles away from my old jeans.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 1 - Fit Body

I have successfully completed one full week of Fit Body boot camp. I woke up at 4:30 every morning and got my butt up to le city, and sweated my ass off for an hour, while working my muscles to near failure.

It was glorious.

I adjusted my eating again (also readjusted my weight...can't lie about it otherwise that starts that cycle where I'm in denial and will eat whatever looks good) and thus far, feel pretty dang good. I even learned to bake chicken (I'm not a domestic ANY stretch of the imagination...our bedroom is usually chaos and I avoid cooking like the plague).

I haven't weighed in yet; I figured I'd give it a week before I did that.
I already feel so relieved though!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh hey look, she's back. Maybe. Scratch that. Definitely.

Obviously I haven't been doing as well as I wanted to be at this point. At this point, I think I wanted to be all the way there or almost all the way there. As it is, I'm halfway with a pound or two backwards.
I haven't weighed myself in weeks. I'm afraid to. It's my own fault. I got cocky, and decided I could eat what I wanted since I was working out and then --guess what?-- I stopped working out! SO began my vicious spiral into old habits.

Well, tomorrow I'm starting a fit body boot camp for the whole month of October that I'm pretty excited about. I'm not so excited about the prospect of being up at 4:30 in the morning EVERY MORNING and on my way towards work (my co-worker got me into it and it's about a block away from our office). BUT. I am excited to jump-start this thing again. My goal that I've set for myself is 10 pounds by the end of October. If I can reach or even surpass that, I know I'll do well and lose the rest of this weight.

In addition to the boot camp routine I'll be doing (after October, I'm going to go back to my gym with my trainer and hit it hard like before), I'm going to be adjusting my eating. Totally clean all through October. I might reintroduce white rice afterwards (I'm part Japanese, can't do without, it's in my blood, damn it!) and maybe a few sweet treats (sweet tooth) but I'll keep just rice and only dark chocolate at the very least (no more Hagensborg truffle pigs!). I'm looking into the Paleo diet, which I really want more information on without having to buy the book but so far, it sounds ideal. I love meat. It's just the way it is. I'm a carnivore. The rice thing is going to kill me. But I'll live. It's worth it to A) add years onto my life B) feel amazing about myself and my body, and C) be able to fit into clothes I want and love. Seriously. Even now I can wear so much more than I could last year. It's great. But I see my tummy coming back and I see the habits coming back and I can't let it happen anymore!

If I am completely honest with myself, I am unhappy with what I see in the mirror. I have ruined progress by gaining five pounds back and it's totally completely my fault. But I will fix it and I will make this happen. I have to. And I WANT IT. Very badly. I want to be healthy and fit. It will happen. It will happen. It will happen.

I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

How I'm looking these days.

What a difference. Still have a ways to go but seeing this makes me happy.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I managed to lose 5 more pounds sometime in the last month. Yay!! Almost to the 160's. :> 5 more pounds and I'm HALFWAY!! :D

I think the best thing is finding old clothes that were too tight that fit perfectly or --even better-- are way too big. Last fall, at my heaviest, my mom bought me some pants and I put them on today and I can't wear them because they literally just fall off. I take a step and boom. They're around my thighs. I tried to wear these khaki straightlegs that looks AMAZING but they're just so loose in the waist it's kind of stupid looking.

I look at myself in the mirror naked and I don't feel disgusted with what I see. I see a little waist and a gorgeous little figure just under the surface.

In short...I feel great. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It has been way way way way way way too long since my last post. I apologize. Not that I have many followers who are just DYING to read my blog, but still. I said I'd be updating regularly with my weight loss and I haven't.
That being said, I seem to have stalled a little. About a month ago, I started working again. It's an awesome job; I have my own office, my own squashy chair, things like that. It's wonderful. It pays well and I generally have a good time at work. I report to the Sales Director as his assistant. I have a lot to do throughout any given day and most of all (by which I mean the part that impacts my weight loss the most), I have to wake up at 6am and be out the door 40 minutes later.
Here is where I've hit a snag. I commute a little ways; it's not quite as far as Seattle so it's not a huge commute. But it's still far. So by the time I'm off and get home, it's dinner time and on top of that, I'm pooped. I take a shower and fall into bed. I have gone to the gym at 4 in the morning which was actually pretty successful. I just have to keep doing it. And therein lies the problem. My alarm goes off, I wake up, and I roll over and go back to sleep. I WANT to go to the gym. I feel GREAT when I go to the gym. Even at 4 o'clock in the morning. But I just am so tired. And it's harder when the hubby is home because he likes to watch TV with me until 10ish. If I'm getting up at 4, I need to be asleep by 8ish, MAYBE 9ish. (Ish.)
Really, I just have to keep at it till it sticks and I know that. On the bright side, I haven't GAINED any weight. I've just been hovering at 175 for about a month now. :<
45 more to go.
I need new shoes.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TOTALLY A Scale Victory!!

Take THAT, TOM bloat!! I'm finally down to 180. That's my second threshold!!
I might--MIGHT--even be less than that. I forgot to weigh myself first thing when I walked in and had already guzzled half of my 32 ounce bottle of water lol.
I'm just thrilled. Beyond thrilled. It's little victories like this that really keep me going. I mean. I weighed myself, saw 180, and felt FANTASTIC and pushed myself really hard today. I kept pushing through muscle fatigue when I was doing my weights and I pushed through on my cardio.

Sometimes, I can't believe that I've really lost 20 pounds. That's like 2 and a half babies. I picture different things that weight 20 pounds and I'm like, "That came OFF of me." That is how much less of me there is!! Holy crap!!

Needless to say, I'm in a great mood and I'm shooting for a 178 (or less!) weigh in Monday night for our Biggest Loser challenge at my gym. That'll be a loss 5 pounds for the past two weeks, something huge for me since I was almost embarrassed to weigh in at the exact same weight last time.

Can't WAIT for those new shoes. ;) That's one thing I'll NEVER delay cashing in on!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So Close...SO CLOSE!

I finally started dropping weight...nothing dramatic but I'm down to 181, FINALLY. SO close to being in the 170's, I'm so excited!!
I had a little treat today, a Dr. Pepper. It was sooooo good but I haven't had any soda in ages...okay, well, since the Super Bowl but before that it was a few months. I also wolfed down a bowl of my auntie's asian curry. Also soooo good. But I needed to eat; I only had a protein shake today on my way out the door to Tukwila. Yeah, looking for work is not fun. Staffing agencies also are not my favorite, I've discovered, but I'll make do with what I get.
Anyways. I've been doing really well though. Tracking what I eat, all that stuff. After I finally started dropping weight, I got a little more lax about what I ate but that's okay. I'm guessing around the time of my period I'll have to just get really restrictive with everything. Otherwise I'll stall out again. It was not fun. Luckily, I didn't have to get weighed in front of everyone.
My exercise routine has been getting a few twists, which is great. Instead of straight cardio, my trainer started me on what she calls, Cardio Challenge. My top heart rate is 180. So I get there and keep it there as long as I can. Then I get back down to about 167. And so on for about an hour. I feel GREAT after doing it, albeit very sweaty. I'm still noticing wonderful things, like running in short spurts (which used to get me out of breath) barely fazes me. I have no pants that fit me properly, it's official. The one pair that would are blown out in the thighs. So now I have two size 12s (Old Navy though, so probably 14 or 16 everywhere else) that come off without me having to unbutton and a bunch of size 7s and 31s that I can't squeeze into quite yet.
My arms won't budge so far but I told my trainer and she's got me doing dips and tricep pulls and all kinds of resistance training for my arms. We can't spot reduce but she says it'll help and she's helped me lose almost 20 pounds so far!
Enough rambling.
Just an update.
Pictures are in order for next time, I think. ;)

Friday, February 17, 2012


I have been 183 for the past TWO WEEKS. Count 'em. Two weeks. In two weeks, I could not lose just 3 pounds. To make it worse, it's now my TOM so my body is hanging onto every pound for dear life and our second weigh-in is on Monday. I don't think I can face going in and having them announce that I'm at the same god damn weight I was at two fucking weeks ago.
Excuse my French.

After I lose these last 3 pounds, I still have 50 more to go. So how am I supposed to get all hyped and motivated when my body simply will not let go of THREE MEASLY POUNDS??

*cries in a corner*

I am still on track for my diet (or lifestyle change, more accurately). I weigh everything, measure it out precisely, I DON'T drink any soda, I eat lean meats and only one portion size when I do. This weekend I just really need to be my own food police. NO sugar. NO processed crap. Just WHOLE grains, LEAN protein, FRESH fruits, FRESH veggies, and absolutely NO SUGAR.
Not even my square of dark chocolate.
So there.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Long Awaited Update!

I'm just kidding.
I know I only have a handful of people that will read this but nyeah. I will post anyways.

For starters, I have lost 15 pounds in the past two months. I'm so happy and proud of myself. During a particularly heinous fight, my husband yelled out, "Look at you! You decided you didn't want to be fat anymore and you just changed! Just like that! You can change for the better!"
While I was still royally pissed at him, it still really strikes me as kind of a wonderful thing. (Don't worry, hubby and I kissed and made up, as we usually do.)

With that, I still get discouraged! For instance, last week I was at 186 then Friday I weighed in and was at 188. I was so depressed that I gained those extra 2 pounds. Everyone kept saying, "It's probably just muscle!" That's all fine and good but I have so much weight to lose to be remotely close to healthy that even just 2 pounds feels like 50. But I kept to my limits and even tried to go to the gym today while sick (not a good idea, by the way, I feel like shit) and after stepping on the scale I discovered I was at 185. Cue big huge grin.

A few days ago, I had an idea that weekly, in order to keep myself focused on the wonderful things that are happening to my body, I should find new great things that are happening. Then I won't focus so much on how my tummy looks kind of dimpled now and I'm not sure if it will look nice when the weight's gone, things like that. (Can you tell what I'm focused on at the mo?)

So without further ado:
1. I have collarbones. They are officially out there.
2. My Old Navy "fat" jeans are extremely baggy, my Old Navy "regular" jeans are starting to loosen up, and I finally fit back into my Lucky "fat" jeans. :>
3. I can bound up my entire staircase and not be out of breath!!
4. I am able to make much better food choices much more easily.
5. I don't have that shadow of a double chin.
6. I am discovering I have some extremely powerful muscles underneath the pudge.
7. All of my clothes are fitting so much better.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Blog In Which I Will Ramble About Several Topics

I am down...9 pounds. I am SO ANXIOUS to see that last pound go so I can say I hit 10 pounds. Also, I can get that massage. I can't even believe it sometimes. I actually have dropped nearly 15% of the total amount of weight I want to drop. It FEELS big. And I am loving the fact that my jeans are baggy around my thighs and butt. I can finally get back INTO the jeans that I cried over because I couldn't get them up over my thighs after I washed them. My shirts don't feel so stifling. My face even seems thinner. There are still 60 pounds to go but can I just say I am so HAPPY that I finally DID something about my body! And am still doing it! I am a little sad to see that I have stretch marks on my tummy but I think if I get toned up they'll barely be noticeable.

Also, I'd like to just say that if you're on an elliptical and your boobs need a better bra, ladies. I have DDs (ouch) and they are strapped down somethin' fierce, trust me. They don't go ANYWHERE. I got a catalog from Athleta or whatever and ye gods. The bras were expensive as hell. And talked about "lifting and separating". When I'm at the gym, lifting or running or doing whatever, I'm not really worried about the girls being lifted and separated. Are they being held down? Yes. Do my boobs feel like they're going to fall off? Nope. Yes, I have a uni-boob but that's a-okay in my book as long as they are in place.
I'd like to add that wearing the same pants as someone else is a little embarrassing but kind of funny. Apparently we both like Old Navy!

I think I'm finally coming out of my winter hibernation mode. I don't know what it is, but when winter sets in, and I mean really sets in (here in the Pacific Northwest it's dark by 4pm...full dark), I'm unable to function on less than 10 hours of sleep. I couldn't wake up till 1 in the afternoon sometimes, usually around noon, which really just throws off my whole schedule for eating, working out, everything. But I'm finally starting to wake up at 10 or sometimes 9. The other morning I was actually awake at 7. I don't even know how that happened but whatever! It was great. I made scrambled egg whites for myself and had a nice breakfast and even was able to see the sunrise. My hope is that when I get out of my winter funk, I'll have more energy. When I was in shape before (I keep saying that), I'd wake up at 8 every morning, no matter how late I was up or what I did. And I was ready to go. All day. I want that again!!