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Monday, November 28, 2011

My first workout!

I went to the gym today, yay me!
Yesterday I signed up and ended up getting a deal for 10.99 a month plus 12 personal training sessions for $200...then the guy I talked to on the phone ended up giving me all kinds of coupon discounts to use and I ended up getting 7 extra sessions. Yay! Ordinarily, I wouldn't have bought that; it's kind of a splurge. BUT. I know me and I know I'll lose motivation and keeping an appointment with a trainer will keep me on track, especially for the first couple months of getting into the routine.

My trainer (Jean) is really nice and I like her. She was running a little late but I just did some cardio while I waited and I only waited 8 minutes. Then she just sat down with me and asked what my goals were, things like that. So then I got weighed (cringe) and measured and she got my body fat percentage which is a whopping 40%. She says ideally, she wants to get me down to 25%. Yikes. I have a ways to go!
She told me that for me, I need to focus on cardio. Weight training will be a part of my exercise routine, but cardio is going to be a huge factor. She showed me a couple weight machines. I KILLED my abs on this...thing. I don't know what it's called haha. Then I used what I think is called a hack slide? My legs are freakishly strong and I pushed them pretty easily so she next time we'll add weights.
That was the end of that though and we scheduled my next session for Wednesday at 11:30! I got on an elliptical for 35 minutes and got my heart rate up to 167. :>
I am pleased! So far, I'm still under my allotted 1200 calories (she gave me a high five for guessing correctly on how many I need to eat to lose weight!) and I just ate an orange and am about to eat dinner.

How I look today

Excuse the mess. Need to do laundry stat!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Obligatory Intro Post.

So hi, to anyone who happens to read this. I'm not pushing for a bunch of readers (maybe just friends) but I feel like this will really help in my goal of losing 70 pounds! I find that by having an outlet, even just writing, I can say no to a lot of temptation. Ergo, this blog.

To start, you may call me Lola. I live in the Evergreen State with my wonderful VERY handsome husband and my cat. I am 24 but I'm having a crisis where I can't decide what I want to be when I grow up. At the moment, I'm unemployed, but that will change soon. Luckily, my husband has a good job and he and I don't struggle too much. My mom moved out of state earlier this year and my dad died last year, so I'm rather isolated. My dad and I were very close and it hit me hard. I have a handful of very close friends and those are the ones I prefer to keep in touch with. They get me through some hard times, that's for sure. I have a weakness for shoes and handbags. And really gorgeous clothes. But there's another problem: nothing fits me anymore! With that, let's talk about my body, shall we?

I am five feet tall and 200 pounds. I never really had a problem with my body but then I gained a bunch more weight when my dad died last year to the tune of 30 pounds and I can't let this go on anymore. My husband thinks I'm gorgeous the way I am. This is all about how I feel, though. I feel like I have layers packed on. I'm not dainty or even skinny at my "skinniest". I was blessed with an hourglass figure and I am supposed to have a tiny waist, and a big bust and big hips. But at the mo, I very nearly have a FUPA and this is not acceptable. In addition to that, I also have to be very careful. Heart disease runs in both sides of my family, as does diabetes. My father died from cancer as did more than a handful of relatives from his side of the family. Plus, hubby and I want to try having a baby in a year or two and I refuse if I am unhealthily overweight.

I will post weekly pictures so hopefully I can SEE it working and also measurements. My hope is that I will SEE the results (even if they're small) and keep with it. Yes? Yes!

So with that, tomorrow is my first weigh in for you guys (whoever you may be), first pictures, and measurements. Also, my first workout with a personal trainer. :)
Wish me luck and I hope some people actually get interested and cheer me on!