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Saturday, May 5, 2012

I managed to lose 5 more pounds sometime in the last month. Yay!! Almost to the 160's. :> 5 more pounds and I'm HALFWAY!! :D

I think the best thing is finding old clothes that were too tight that fit perfectly or --even better-- are way too big. Last fall, at my heaviest, my mom bought me some pants and I put them on today and I can't wear them because they literally just fall off. I take a step and boom. They're around my thighs. I tried to wear these khaki straightlegs that looks AMAZING but they're just so loose in the waist it's kind of stupid looking.

I look at myself in the mirror naked and I don't feel disgusted with what I see. I see a little waist and a gorgeous little figure just under the surface.

In short...I feel great. :)